Here's a selection of my artwork, from image comps to 3D rendering to illustrations. Click/tap on a selection for details.

Baby on Tile Duke Santa List Carpet Fiber Fish Barrowsash Arts Vintage Truck San Fransisco Parks Poster Gecko Tango Dellington Map Kinabalu Mr. Clean Soot Piggies Shimmy Merry Elf Goodmany Arts Watch Character Walk

- Image Composition -

Instruction: "We need a Facebook post with this baby on matte tile
instead of wood, with a snappy heading."

Here is an animated gif (low color-depth) showing the major steps I used to create the piece, and the final image.

- Image Processing -

Before/After image showing color correction and some modest retouching.

- Santa's List -

A Facebook post image I created promoting Stanley Steemer® Gift Certificates.

- Fiber Illustration -

An Infographic illustrating carpet fiber wear and protection for Stanley Steemer®

- Fish Illustrations -

Built for my children's exploration and learning game, these illustrations occupy the ocean's reef and deap sea zones. Each fish is added to the explorer's catalog when "photographed" during a submarine dive.

- Barrowsash Poster -

Cover illustration for a children's story

- Vintage 1934 Model A Truck -

An image I created for a vintage automobile website

- San Fransisco Parks -

A Poster I created promoting San Fransisco Parks

- Gecko Tango -

Cover illustration for a children's story

- Dellington Map -

Map illustration for a children's fantasy book

- Kinabalu -

An Asian dragon image for a fantasy website

- Kitchen Cleaner -

An image I built for a kitchen cleaner review page

- Soot -

My little shelf monster.

- This Little Piggy -

This is a video clip of a Flash children's read-along project with lip-syncing.

- Shimmy -

This is a video clip test of Adobe Character Animator.

- Animated Gif Email Graphic -

Developed for emailings promoting the Facebook-based 2015 Holiday photo contest, the animation featured my "mischievous" elf, purported to have caused the entrants' household messes.

- Goodmany Arts Watch -

My animated Photo Illustration for my website. It's been keeping good time for many years.

- Character Walk -

A looping gif, testing my walk cycle animation for these 3D characters.