I worked with the creator of this business from its concept stage, even suggesting its name. Branding started with the logo and carried through to the simple, stylized graphics. The community-conscience business offers urban homesteading products and classes, plus an additional season-long mentorship program; City Folk's Ground Swell. I created their website and nearly all the artwork for their projects, some of which are below. The website has since been replaced by new owners, with a less personalized pre-fabricated layout. Click/tap on a selection for details.

CFFS Logo CFFS Web CFFS Yield CFFS Home Grown CFFS GS Logo CFFS Home Grown CFFS Business Card CFFS Class Card CFFS Coop Tour CFFS Ad CFFS Tees CFFS Buckeye

- City Folk's Farm Shop Website -

I designed the shop's website in Wordpress, allowing the owner to easily add posts and modify content. It features an event and classes calendar, chicken keeping information, and a handy, customized sidebar weather widget.

- Graphic Style -

I carried the logo's simple graphic style and bold colors throughout most of the illustrations created for City Folk's Farm Shop.

- Poster and T-Shirt Graphic -

A promotional graphic featuring a crowing "Rudy" and custom typography.

- CFFS Ground Swell Certificate -

An official Achievement Certificate for City Folk's Farm Shop's homesteader mentoring program.

- CFFS Business Card -

Many of City Folk's Farm Shop's business cards, docs and forms contain my simple urban silhouette strip graphic, as a ghosted background.

- CFFS Class Card -

These cards are posted next to shop products relating to classes or workshops that the store offers.

- CFFS CLUCK Coop Tour Graphics-

Twice a year, City Folk's Farm Shop sponsors a citywide Coop Tour. Participants visit urban chicken coops housed by gracious community keepers. Primarily a neighborhood walking tour, my hens are clad in comfortable footwear.

- CFFS Tee Shirts -

Some mockups for fun and useful promotional items I've designed to encourage sustainable urban homesteading.

- Buckeye Chicken Graphic -

A slight departure from my characteristic CFFS graphic, my Buckeye Chicken was created to grace the annual "Fowl Towel", a popular homesteader's kitchen accessory.