I've worked with owner Steve Cover for many years, developing his first ERG Wordpress website and his newer custom-built site for his SmartActs division. I also design and produce logos, postcards, flyers, posters and other promotional materials for him and his many clients.

ERG postcard Smart Acts Logo SmartActs Website SmartActs Poster TIU Postcard ERG postcard SA postcard ERG Ad

- ERG Postcard -

A 6x11 institutional postcard front for ERG.

- Smart Acts -

My logo design for a division of Entertainment Resource Group, serving the regional entertainment industry.

- SmartActs -

A clean, responsive site for SmartActs, ERG's select spotlight talent.

Check It Out

- SmartActs Poster -

A promotional poster for one of many groups represented by ERG SmartActs.

- ERG Postcard Retouching -

Sometimes you need to widen a road and move some cows. Manipulating an image to fit a design is a common necessity—like for this 5x7 postcard.

- Turn It Up Postcard -

A 6x11 vertical postcard front for Turn It Up.

- SmartActs Postcard -

A 6x11 institutional postcard front for Smartacts.