I’ve created nearly a dozen advertising campaigns and hundreds of individual ads and imagery for Stanley Steemer®. Projects include; brand specification development, print publication and direct mail ads, brochures, photo manipulation, Web page design, digital ads, email marketing, van decal design, animation production, and more. Below are some examples of those projects. Click/tap on a selection for details.

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- Stanley Steemer AAFA Van -

A vector illustration of the previous Stanley Steemer Van. It includes the AAFA Certified decaling I designed and produced for their fleet vans. The simplified, contoured shading kept the SVG file size small enough for digital ad use.

- Stanley Steemer AAFA Transit -

My photo illustration of Stanley Steemer's Transit Van, to replace the older van in all logos and instances in print and digital. Included is the original "before" photo and the resulting image after extensive retouching.

- Image Alteration -

Before and after gif of a hardwood cleaning image. I changed out the cleaning machine (final) and arm positioning, plus some other general image corrections.

- Stanley Steemer Wand -

A vector illustration of Stanley Steemer's cleaning wand. Simplified, contoured shading keeps the SVG file size small enough for digital ad use.

- Product Labeling -

My complete redesign of Stanley Steemer's retail packaging.

- Direct Mail Post Cards -

One of many post card designs I've written and designed. This one promoted their additional new AAFA Certifications.

- Die Cut Greeting Card -

A holiday direct mail folded card, this featured my wrapped van image with a die cut opening revealing the discount card inside.

- Retail Ad -

One of many campaigns I designed for print publications, this one features images representing the "nasties" hidden in household flooring.

- Area Rug Van -

Custom decaling for the 2016 Area Rug Transit vans.

- Animated Digital Ad -

A 300x250 AAFA new certifications digital ad (HTML5). A simple new teal button is used to compliment the AAFA certification colors, instead of the traditional "Steemer Green" gel button.

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- Animated Digital Ad -

A 15-second 300x250 Area Rug cleaning digital ad (HTML5)

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- Animated Digital Ad -

A 15-second 300x250 Air Duct cleaning digital ad (HTML5)

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- Convention Lego® Promotion -

From concept to personally packaged bricks, this was one of my favorite Stanley Steemer projects. My build-it-yourself custom kit, complete with illustrated instruction booklet and decals, was delivered to 200 franchisees at their 2015 convention. Included was a rare "Steemer Yeorange" brick.

- Animated Gif Email Graphic -

Developed for emailings promoting the Facebook-based 2015 Holiday photo contest, the animation featured my "mischievous" elf, purported to have caused the entrants' household messes.

- Water Services Cover -

A cover illustration for their Emergency Water restoration service literature folder.

- Web Page Design -

Page design and graphics for Stanley Steemer's How-To Video landing page.